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The AfterMath Before Care
*Offered at select locations*

The Before Care service provided by The AfterMath Beyond The Classroom is designed to create a safe and structured environment for children in the crucial hours before school begins. Recognizing the common challenge parents face in coordinating drop-offs with their work schedules, Before Care offers a solution by ensuring children have a secure place to start their day. This alleviates the stress of parents having to drop off their kids at school after they've already commenced their workday. 


Moreover, this program goes beyond mere supervision, incorporating engaging activities such as puzzles, games, drawing, and coloring. These activities not only keep children occupied but also foster a positive and stimulating atmosphere, setting a constructive tone for the upcoming school day. The Before Care service at The AfterMath Beyond The Classroom is not just a convenient solution for parents; it's a holistic approach to providing a nurturing and enriching experience for children during the crucial morning hours.

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